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Traffic Law
Many people don’t know that driving is a privilege, not a right. Driving is so much a part of our everyday life that we sometimes forget about the inherent dangers of driving. A small infraction in New Jersey can lead to a suspension of your driver's license, a fine, or even jail. I can help you solve your legal issues with the goal to reduce points and fines.
Having excessive points or being a negligent driver could cause your license to be suspended in New Jersey. 
In New Jersey, Drunk Driving or Driving Under Influence ( DUI ) has very serious consequences. There is no right to drive, even to get to work, in New Jersey if you are found guilty of DUI so, it’s important to fight these charges.Your license will be suspended if your blood alcohol content is more than .08%. In New Jersey you must take a breath test if there is probable cause that you are driving and intoxicated. If you refuse to take a breath test then there is a mandatory seven months suspension.  Besides the heavy fines involved in a DUI case, there are additional heavy suspensions and jail sentences that are routinely handed out. Also DUI/DWI convictions stay on your records for years. 
Traffic Violations I Handle:
• Speeding Tickets, Traffic Light • Misdemeanors
• Driving On a Suspended License • DUI / DWI
• License Suspensions
• DMV Hearings / Suspensions
• Truck and Bus Drivers • DMV Point Reduction
• Warrants
• Hit & Run
• Reckless Driving• Failure to Appear 
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